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Welcome Packet Homecoming
June 25-27, 2024

* 30 years of building - building finished!
* Over 20 teams from churches since 2006!
*3 years in planning Homecoming!
*Johnny Wright & John Opferman, former pastors, as guest speakers! Pastor Daniel Hawtree and Pastor Baxley also!
*Baxley family providing special music!
*3 Days of rejoicing together in a place that changed many lives!
*BMFP's very own president, Jonathan Lyons will also speak! 

During your stay in Iceland you may need to seek out services

Directions to the church via Google Maps click here

Schedule of events
Facebook Click for FB Page info

Tuesday 10 am - History and honors presented to former pastors

Tuesday 11 am - Message from John Opferman

Tuesday 12 pm - Lunch on the grounds

Tuesday 1 pm - Message from Johnny Wright

Tuesday 2 pm - Testimonies and singing

Wednesday 10 am - Window dedications 

Wednesday 11 am - Message from Pastor Hawtree

Wednesday 12 pm - Lunch on the grounds

Wednesday 1 pm - Message from Jonathan Lyons

Wednesday 2 pm - Testimony and singing

Thursday 10 am - Room dedications and information

Thursday 11 am - Message from Pastor Hawtree

Thursday 12 pm - Lunch on campus

Thursday 1 pm - Message from Pastor Baxley

Thursday 2 pm - Testimonies and singing

General information about shopping, medical needs, dining out, sightseeing, and more is below.

Dining out

Domino´s Pizza
Fitjum 2 (next to church)
Hafnargata 86 (downtown Keflavík, open longer hours)
FBC's favorite pizza is the "Meat and Cheese"
Click for Google Maps directions 

English menu
Hafnargata 90
Chinese food is made by our friends from China.
A Weimer family and FBC fave!

Issi Fish & Chips
Trönudal 9
Next to the church
Fresh, locally caught fish every morning!
No indoor seating and limited outdoor seating, but feel free to use the church for eating!

Just Wingin´ It
Fitjar 2
Right next to the church
Delicious wings and "Funky Fries."
Eat in or take back to the church to share!
Click here and scroll down for the English menu.

Kaffi Duus
Duusgata 10

Locally owned and established in 1997, this sit-down restaurant has served many visitors traditional Icelandic cuisine.
If you plan to have a larger group eat together, we advise calling ahead for a reservation.

Grill 66 at the Olís station
This gas station/diner combo is just down the road from the church on Fitjabakki 2-4.
For breakfast, this newer restaurant carries bacon, eggs, toast, and coffee. 
They also serve delicious hamburger meals and traditional Icelandic hotdogs.

Sigurjóns Bakari
This bakery carries traditional Icelandic pastries, breads, and sandwiches. Because it opens at 7:00 on weekdays, it's a great place for breakfast. 

Dining in
We will have hot coffee each morning by 8:00 for anyone who wants to come early. The coffee will be "heitt a könnunni," hot and ready all day long.

Our FBC church family will provide lunch on the grounds during the conference. Feel free to eat that or sample some of our local shops and restaurants.

The reception hall will be open during the week of the homecoming. Feel free to shop at local places and bring the food back to the church to enjoy fellowship before or after services.

For those who will not be touring during the off hours, feel free to play games, fellowship, sing, and reminisce in the building!

Medical needs

Cost for an emergency room visit will be around $300 : - Disclaimer: "Normally."

Cost for a visit to the clinic will be around $150 -Disclaimer: "Normally."

Local clinic



Phone: +354-591-7080 


 Heilsugæslan Höfða Suðurnesjum – Heilsugæslan Höfða (

Emergency room

Hospital/Emergency room 

Emergency calling is 112 (not 911)!

Click for Map and Instructions via Google Map

Laundry Services

Efnalaugin Vík 

Iðavöllum 11, Reykjanesbær


Wash, dry, and fold service for 800 kr./kg (approximately $3/pound)

Same day service if dropped off by 9 am or next day if dropped off after that.

Grocery Stores

Bonus-A discount grocery store next to the church

Kronan - grocery store next to the church with longer opening hours

Netto - a larger grocery store in Keflavík 

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