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“Reaching the World through Iceland” has been the mission statement stamped on our hearts since 1997 when Patrick was a senior at Trinity Baptist College. We arrived in Iceland in 1999. God has been using my family to be a light in a Dark land; it is an honor! God has spoken; His Word now proclaimed in Iceland. Life has sprung forth in the Land of Fire and Ice. When we began, the field spiritually was comparable to a parking lot in a baron volcanic wasteland covered over with asphalt. The hammer of the Word of God, through faithful proclamation of the Word, has broken up the fallow ground. It happens just as Jesus said it would: Sometimes the Word falls on shallow ground, some on fallow ground, and some on thorns. But praise the Lord on good understanding ground is manifold fruit production and reproduction! I rejoice to share that we have spiritual grandchildren in Iceland. Two young adults saved at our church as children, led four youth to salvation at summer camp in 2012. I report that in Iceland there are now many fruit bearing trees that will pack this island with the glory of God! Stay tuned.

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