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Want to work with us as a full time missionary?


  1. We are Baptists. 

  2. We are independent.

  3. We are conservative.

  4. We use only the KJV for English speaking people.

  5. We minister in Icelandic to Icelanders.

  6. We minister in English to those working short-time in Iceland, those who have moved to Iceland and are learning Icelandic, and those who are visiting as tourists. The English ministry is intended for foreigners who don´t speak Icelandic. 

We are looking for full time helpers!

If you are coming to Iceland to serve and do not intend to work with us, then the following (below 1-5) is not intended for you. We will strive to do all we can to help Independent Baptist Missionaries get into the country. I am happy to give time to answer questions and am usually available from 8 am - 6 pm Iceland time.

If you are looking to work with the Weimer family in their church plant:

Prayerfully and carefully listen to this Podcast by clicking on this sentence Disclaimer: The speaker is not an Independent Baptist, however, the information he shares is "Spot On." 

1. Please have your pastor, where you currently serve the Lord faithfully, email me a personal recommendation. 

2. Please email me a testimony of your personal salvation, your calling to ministry, and your reason for believing that Iceland is where you are to serve. 

3. If you are looking at being a fulltime missionary in Iceland and wish to work directly under us, then we require you to come and work with us for an initial visit to get acquainted before we make a commitment to receive you as a potential full-time co-laborer. As an introduction/acquaintance visit intended to get to know us, it is advised to come during summer camp or other outreach/project times to get involved and see our philosophy, work ethic, and labor of love for Christ Jesus in Iceland. Only after the initial introduction via a short visit will consideration be made to receive an individual or family for a one-year trial basis. Working with us for this trial year is essential to see if we are of the same mind and spirit to labor for Christ together. As is understood in churches: Not every person is a "Fit" for every ministry. Our purpose for these requirements it to ensure harmony, happiness, and joy in service by yoking up with like minds and hearts. 

4. The national language of Iceland is Icelandic. All who come to work with us full time are required to learn Icelandic.  Any missionary who feels that it is not necessary to learn Icelandic will not be considered for working with us full time.  We need missionaries who speak Icelandic. 

5. We require any missionary coming to work with us full time to have a Bible College degree in Church ministries from a Bible College with Baptist distinctives/doctrine. No exceptions. 

6. We are working on our first church plant. There are some very unique aspects to our ministry. For example, we have a building project before we have an established body of Icelandic national believers.  This was of the Lord's doing and not by our design.  

7. We have a vision and plan to reach the eight towns on our peninsula. That is over 35,000 people within 20 minutes of our church.

8. We have a summer camp.

9. We have a translation work. Translation of the Bible and writing of Bible commentaries, lessons, a dictionary, and other tools are in the works.

10. We are setting the groundwork to establishing a Christian school, K-12.  We have a thriving children's outreach with our bus ministry. We very much need teachers with a B.S. in Education with experience as a teacher! 

11. We have a small printing ministry which needs to expand.

12. We have a work established and are looking for called men and women to come and help us in that work.

13. Iceland is a hard and expensive place to labor for Jesus.  Many missionaries have attempted to serve in Iceland but did not continue. Be settled in the Lord.

Want to come do short term missions in Iceland?


In the hopes of seeing God put Iceland into hearts of young laborers for Christ, we offer an internship to Bible college students who are Missions Majors in their Junior or Senior year. Free room and board is provided at no cost. Two weeks to one month is recommended. Summer is the best time to come. Your main expense is your plane ticket to Iceland. If you wish to intern in Iceland, then please have your pastor email me a personal recommendation. Internship is for Bible College students who are faithfully serving in their local church.  After your pastor gives a personal recommendation, you will be emailed an application to fill out and have an interview with Patrick and Victoria Weimer. 


If you are faithfully serving as a faithful member in one of our supporting churches and your pastor sends a recommendation for you to come for short term work, then we will provide your housing and food during your stay. As you are coming to work, I will provide transportation and one sight-seeing trip.


If you are coming to Iceland for a vacation from one of our supporting churches and your pastor sends a letter stating that you are a faithful member serving at his church, then we will allow you to stay in our guest room at no charge (if not occupied). We do not provide transportation and food to those only vacationing in Iceland. We will have dinner, if desired, in our home at least once with those visiting.  We are working full time in the ministry and will not take time off for those vacationing to provide services. 


Our supporting churches and sending church are very diligent to send teams to Iceland to help us with projects.  Regretfully, we do not receive teams who are not affiliated with our supporters, home church, or mission board.  

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